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Terms and Conditions

Parties and Events


Anna Theophanatos t/a Alexa and Bud has made every effort to word these terms and conditions clearly and with clarification of various clauses where necessary. If you do not understand any part of these terms, please contact us for clarification. Any booking WHETHER CONFIRMED VERBALLY, ELECTRONICALLY OR IN WRITING will be subject to a legally binding Contract carrying the following non-negotiable Terms & Conditions of Booking:


1. Definitions

The booking Contract (“Contract”) is negotiated by Anna Theophanatos t/a Alexa and Bud (‘The Event Company’) and the Client (“Client“). A booking (“Booking”) is any verbal, electronic or written request securing entertainment/event planning/catering and styling for a specific date from the Client to The Event Company.


2. Confirming the Booking

i) ‘Confirmation’ (“Confirmation”) will mean any verbal, electronic or written acceptance of this booking by BOTH the Client and The Event Company.

ii) Provisional bookings will be entered into the diary and held for 7 days.  If the booking is not confirmed with the required details of the event and booking fee (where applicable - there may be certain exclusions where a booking fee is not required), the Booking will automatically be cancelled and the date released.

 iii) A 50% Booking fee will be taken where required; this is non-refundable and will hold your event date until written Confirmation is supplied. The Booking fee will be deducted from the final amount due.

iiii) Final payment  is due 10 working days prior to the event unless prior arrangements have been requested and agreed by The Event Company.


3. Changes to Contract

The agreed non refundable booking fee may be subject to change (in agreement between the Client and The Event Company) if any details on the Contract are altered. All changes to the Contract must be arranged in writing by The Event Company in advance of the event. 

ANY changes to the event whatsoever must be communicated in writing no later than 14 days prior to the event and agreed between the Client and The Event Company. These changes will form part of the Contract. (Please see clause 8.)


4. Payment of fees

i) 50% of the agreed fee (booking fee) is due upon receipt of the Contract unless special circumstances are agreed between The Event Company and the Client.

The remaining 50% fees is due 10 working days prior to the event by preferred payment method, BACS details are available on your invoice.

ii) Full Payment is due for any Booking made with less than 14 days notice.

5. Booking fees and payments are NON-REFUNDABLE; however, can be transferred to alternative dates subject to availability. If any fee which the Client is due to pay prior to the event has not been received at least 14 working days before the event, The Event Company has the right to cancel the Booking without penalty and the Client will forfeit any other fees paid previously and remain liable for any cancellation fees due (see clause 6.)


6. Cancellations

i) Cancellation by the Client:

In the event that the Client cancels the Booking, the Client agrees to inform The Event Company immediately in writing to:

Cancellations via text message will NOT be accepted. Booking fees and payments are non-refundable but are transferable if the event can no longer proceed providing the date is available.

ii) Cancellation by The Event Company:

If The Event Company cancels your booking due to illness or unforeseen circumstances the client would be given a full refund.  This will be confirmed in writing via email.


7. Late payment of fees

Failure by the Client to pay the Booking fee within the terms specified will result in the Client being in default of Contract. The Booking will be cancelled, and the Client will be bound by the cancellation clauses in clause 6 of these Terms and Conditions.


8. Responsibility for incorrect information on the Booking

If your Booking information is incorrect in any way, then it is the Client’s responsibility to inform The Event Company of any and all changes immediately. If these changes incur an additional cost to The Event Company, these will be discussed with the Client and any additional charges will form part of the Contract.


9. Contract to service

The contract to acquire our service is completed by The Event Company sending you an invoice by email.


10. Complaints

If through their own fault The Event Company is unable to fulfil part of the event schedule or breaks the terms of this Contract and the Client would like to claim a reduction on the fee, a complaint must be made in writing to The Event Company no more than 30 days after the event. Full payment must still be made to The Event Company as agreed in the Contract. Withholding payment is illegal. Failure to pay The Event Company within the terms of this Contract will result in cancellation of the event as set out in clause 5 of this Contract or incur charges as outlined in clause 7.ii (see above) and may render the Client subject to prosecution.


11. Changes on the day

Where possible, changes to the Contract schedule, which are unavoidable on the day of the event, should first be discussed and agreed with The Event Company.


12. Responsibility for children and adult supervision

It is The Event Company policy that entertainers and all staff working with The Event Company are not permitted to be left alone with any child (or children) at any time. It is therefore the Client’s responsibility to ensure, at all times, that the child (or children) is supervised by a responsible adult, other than The Event Company staff.


13.  Venue and Accessibility 

The Event Company require parking for a long wheelbase van and clear access to the venue in order to set up, any restrictions to the above must be communicated prior to the event date. The Event Company are unable to move/relocate furniture and/or other items in order to set up.

If required The Event Company will carry out a pre-site survey at a suitable date prior to the event either in person or over video call.  Upon receipt of the findings, any additional costings will be agreed with the Client and form part of the Contract. 

14. Weather Conditions

If you are planning an outdoor display we request a back up option as we do not accept cancellations due to adverse weather. Props are not weather resistant and as such will not be able to be set up in adverse conditions and the display will need to be moved indoors/into a weather proofed area.

Balloon only displays can be displayed outdoors in adverse weather, however, we do not guarantee the longevity of the display and/or attachments.

WARNING: Balloons expand and contract in extreme weather conditions.They can also oxidise, mattify and alter their colour.  In the heat they can expand and pop, we do everything possible to avoid this, however, we can not be held responsible for popped displays. If you do proceed to have an outdoor display in adverse/extreme weather it is done so at your own risk.


15. Damage/Theft/Loss

All hire items, excluding balloons, remain the property of Anna Theophanatos t/a Alexa and Bud at all times. Whilst in your care you are responsible for the items and we request you do not allow anyone to move the display/props and or climb on the display/props.

Any damage, loss or theft of the props/hire items will incur repair/replacement charges. We reserve the right to invoice for this following collection and if payment is not completed we will proceed with legal support to recover our losses.


16. Force Majeure

In cases of ‘Force Majeure’ (which shall be known as war, fire, death, or other incapacity certified by a qualified medical practitioner, accident, civil commotion, national calamity, order of Government or Local Authority having jurisdiction in the matter, changes in law, foreign government policy, act of God), which are not attributable to any act or failure to take preventive action by The Event Company or Client, then The Event Company or Client may cancel this Booking or rebook the event on an alternative date agreed (subject to availability) without penalty other than loss of payment already made. Covid exceptions are not included in this clause.

17. For Covid related cancellations, if the event can no longer proceed due to government restrictions, we allow a transfer of the Booking to an alternative date, subject to availability. No refunds are permitted unless otherwise advised via the UK Government advice.

Upon payment of your non refundable Booking Fee both The Event Company and the Client hereby agree to the Terms and Conditions set forth in this Contract 

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