You Asked, We Answered

Let's chat cost...

Every Alexa & Bud installation is unique to you but we know it can seem daunting not having a clue what things may cost! 

Please note the below is a guide only - drop us an email for a personalised quote

Moongate Hoop 

Half Hoop(approx) decor starting from £125

Full Hoop decor starting from £220


Organic Balloon Garland 

Starting from £25 per meter 


Full Organic Arch 

Starting from £250


Full Balloon Wall

Starting from £350


Sequin Shimmer Wall 

Starting from £200

Neon Sign - £75

Personalised Acrylic Hanging Disc - £50

Laser Cut Wooden Sign - £45

Faux Flower hire from £25

Dried Flower hire from £45

But I can get it on Amazon cheaper...

At Alexa & Bud we pride ourselves on using the highest quality premium brand latex balloons, we create custom colours where needed and we know how to bring a serious party vibe!

Our installations are designed to be full and deliver impact, we buy and create bespoke for you and your party!

Also... have you ever tried blowing up 100+ balloons by mouth and shoving them into those tapes?! - don't bring the stress to the table - let us bring the party!

Ok, I'm in... what else do I need to know?

Alexa & Bud require a 50% non-refundable booking fee. This secures your date and all bespoke materials required.

As we mentioned, Alexa & Bud use the highest quality premium brand latex balloons, however, all balloons will react to the environment. Ideally they should be stored out of direct heat/sunlight and preferably in a cool area. 

Avoid extreme temperatures (both hot & cold) and avoid placing near any radiators that are on as temperatures can cause balloons to shrink, expand and/or pop!


Outdoor Installations: We strongly advise only setting up outdoor installations on the day of the event. Colours may be affected due to oxidation and/or temperature (chrome and metallic finish balloons are susceptible to mattifying)


Indoor Installations: Balloons maintained in good conditions can last for several weeks, once you wish to remove balloons we strongly advise cutting them into small pieces and recycling. Natural Latex can decompose at similar rates to some leaves meaning less to landfill.